SMS 3D Printing Club



PrintrBot Metal Plus with a 10in^2 heated bed and Anet A2.


Dear Young Inventor,

The SMS 3D Printing Club offers you the chance to learn the concepts and practices of a manufacturing process called three-dimensional printing. The goal of this club is to learn how to develop 3D designs using computer software that can then be printed using a 3D printer. In the process of exploring these technologies and using three-dimensional mathematics, you will also practice three useful skills: critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

The SMS 3D Printing Club will take place in room 301 at the Powers Ferry campus. It is offered to a limited number of participants so a lottery selection will be used to randomly determine its members. There will be a different group of students that will participate each semester. The lottery will be on Thursday, September 5 and the lottery winners will be posted below. Our first meeting will be on Thursday, September 12 until 6:00 pm and on Thursday, January 23 until 6:00 pm for the spring semester group.

Click the button below to sign up for the lottery! (from August 15 to September 4)


Fall Semester Engineers

Jaylen Z.
Dillon S.
Riley G.
Jacob A.
Max S.
Arjun M.
Romanya W.
Michael W.
Sarah Kate G.
Ryder L.
Fuller S.
Garner H.
Easy H.
Sophia S.
John D.

Spring Semester Engineers

Joshua M.
Cal R.
Lucas W.
Nate L.
Cole B.
Hayes H.
Samayyah B.
Evan R.
Wyatt H.
Ava C.
Benjamin S.
Chase B.
Myla R.
Sebastian F.
Miller M.


The lottery is done by importing all names from Google Forms to Microsoft Excel and running the following two formulas to randomly select the thirty students:




If your name is listed above, please click to pay PTA club fees












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