posted 10/08/19
Wow! It has been almost 6 months since my last post on here. I lost my motivation to keep this page properly updated due to the significant decrease in traffic, but I am not a fan of social media... In any case, check out my new YouTube video below! (make sure to watch in 4k)
posted 04.14.19
I drove to Greensboro to visit my friend Peter for the weekend and it was amazing as usual! It is always so great to hang out with him and his kids. I love spending time on the lake and will definitely bring my Sea Doo with me once the water gets warmer. Thanks Peter for an awesome weekend!
Kayaking on lake Oconee for the sunset!
Boating on Lake Oconee with Peter and Dolph... Good times!
posted 04.06.19
I had a great time biking in Chattanooga, Tennessee! The drive up got a little complex as a pebble hit the rear window of my car on the interstate and blasted it in millions of pieces. It took a total of 5 hours for Safelite to come and replace the window... The rest of the trip was super fun! It was 3 days of biking, exploring, and just enjoying the vacation! I love Chattanooga although I wouldn't move there.
Shattered window... only a $468 ordeal ;)
My pimped-up ride with electronics! (GPS, iPhone, GoPro)
The Walnut Street pedestrian bridge which connects downtown Chattanooga to the north shore. It is the longest walking bridge in the country!
[Click on the picture above for the detailed map]
posted 03.30.19
It was such a nice day! Best way to start spring break!!!
Taking a break!
Here is a GPS map of my 33 miles ride.
posted 03.26.19
I had just pulled away from the dock last Saturday when something got sucked up into the impeller. I couldn't get any throttle in so had to slowly get back to the dock and drive back to Atlanta. I dropped it off at the store as there is no easy way to get into the jet pump. I picked it up today after paying $283.53 to remove a rope knot. Debris and pollution are such a nuisance to both animals and humans...
It could have been a wonderful afternoon... but at least I did not damage anything.
A rope knot is what got sucked up and caught into the jet pump.
posted 03.14.19
Check out this awesome tool called contour gauge. It is made out of many metal needles that can slide up and down when put up against a complex surface, revealing its shape. I got this tool to help me draw and design complex shapes to 3D print, something a ruler just can't do!
posted 03.10.19
You better believe it... first time on the lake this year! I got my See Doo summerized yesterday and was ready for a cold ride. I had a waterproof everything: jacket, pants, gloves, socks, and shoes.
Quick selfie before pulling out of the water.
Here is a GPS map of my 46 miles ride.
posted 02.05.19
I decided to hit the books harder with my Spanish! I am using the Duolingo app on a daily basis and have purchased the necessary tools to get me moving!! As a second language acquisition specialist, I most certainly know what to do... Time, consistency, and practice.
posted 01.29.19
Here is a Fortnite stink bomb model I designed in Solidworks. It prints very well and makes such a nice charm. I printed it in two colors: grey and translucent yellow and it looks amazing! (email me if you want the stl file)
posted 01.21.19
What an incredible and magic night! I had a few friends over to watch the super blood wolf moon eclipse! The whole event took five hours. We set up all camera and equipment on the back porch and spent the night going in and out of the house as it was quite windy and cold. Did you see any of it?!? The following pictures were taken with my Olympus E-5 with 400mm lens.
On the way out of totality (umbra phase). [f/3.4, 1/2 sec., ISO-500, 400mm]
Before the penumbra phase. [f/4.5, 1/800 sec., ISO-100, 400mm]
posted 01.13.19
This weekend was the annual Atlanta Boat Show. There were over 600 boats there and various other vendors. It was so nice to be there and see what is new in 2019. All boats were open to the public so you could walk on any of them to check it out. There was also a shallow "pool" with r/c boats from Mastercraft people could drive! The atmosphere was amazing!!
A partial view of the massive event.
Of course See-Doo was there! Beside a few new colors, not much has changed with their new 2019 line up...
posted 01.11.19
A few days after I bought the Garmin 64st GPS, I found out that a newer model was available. How didn't I see this while doing my research?!? So I ordered the new 66st model and returned the other one. If I am going to get a new gadget, may as well get the newest version, right?
posted 01.06.19
No more rain? Seriously? Wow... what an incredible weather today! I wish I could have been on the water but my ski is winterized... So I went biking and it was awesome! What were YOU doing out there?!?
My new bike setup with the GPS receiver!
GPS recording of my tracks while biking. I downloaded the GPS tracks onto Google Maps which shows the 20.9 miles I rode along with all kinds of data. Fun!
posted 01.04.19
I got a GPS receiver to use on the lakes. While learning all of its functions, I discover geocaching which I have tried a few times and it is really super cool and fun! [picture removed]
posted 12.30.18
It was nice to be back in south Florida after so long (especially with all this rain going on in Atlanta)! Time to relax, visit, play, and socialize!
Walking at the beach is an absolute essential for me...
Don't make fun of me... but yes, I did find a really nice mini golf place and had a blast! I came in second place after my father in law who plays golf every week of his life.
Who thought I could find a poutine in Florida? It was not bad but it needed more gravy.
First stop after driving away from the airport! A bite to eat at a little restaurant on the water... what can beat that?!?
posted 12/10/18
Here is a short compilation video of a few afternoons on Lake Lanier.
posted 12.09.18
Although my first bracelet is not 100% perfect, I am very happy with the result! It is definitely more punk than my old one which is exactly what I wanted. It is actually quite fun to make so I will certainly tackle another one soon.
Can you tell which one is which?!?
Eight pieces leather craft tools half-round cutter punch. Should be easy to cut corners perfectly with these.
posted 12.05.18
I have become increasingly frustrated wearing punk bracelets that are worn out and having a hard time finding new ones that I like. So I ordered all the tools and supplies to make my own! Now I need to spend some time on YouTube watching tutorials on how to use those tools and let my imagination take care of the rest! Stay tuned...
A variety of studs and spikes of different sizes, a kit to install snap-fasteners, different tools (awls) to make holes in the leather, a working mat, and a wooden mallet.
Black oil-tanned leather, medium weight, 72" long by 1-1/2" wide. That's enough for many bracelets!
posted 11/30/18
While in Panama City Beach, Florida, I decided to drive out to Mexico Beach (about 50mins east) to see how the town was doing five weeks after hurricane Michael hit the area. Although I had seen videos and pictures on the news, I could never have imagined how much devastation had occurred... The video bellow is a two-minute compilation of the harsh reality.
posted 11.21.18
Here I am visiting a friend in Panama City Beach, Florida! It was nice to get out of town and do something else, especially since the weather in Atlanta was not all that great.
Playing outdoor mini golf whenever I can! Guess who won?!? Moi... by only 3 though.
posted 11.17.18
I would do almost anything to get on the lake! Today was a bit cold but the weather was so nice... It was a perfect fall day to be on the water!!! Crisp air, nice colors, quiet, and serene outdoor time!
Pulling out of the water probably for the last time this season... sad moment.
posted 11.07.18
It was raining hard for four days which is very rare in Atlanta. We were in 3D printing club and the light got really weird outside... As I rushed to the windows, I saw this yellow light invading the whole landscape...
posted 11.04.18
I had a great weekend in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with some friends! Just a quick escape from Atlanta to play games, laugh, and just have a good time!! The weather was awesome. I want to go again next fall and spend one day hiking the Great Smoky Mountains.
We played lots of mini golf which is one of my favorite activities there!
posted 10.13.18
I spent four days in Pittsburgh and it was fun! I had never been there and fall break just seemed to be the perfect length for that destination. No rental car so a lot of walking involved with occasional Uber rides. Although I would not live there, it was nice to visit and see what that city has to offer!
Uphill view of the city after riding the funicular rail.
The famous Pittsburgh sandwich at Primanti Bros! It was pretty good but my wife makes a better one... no kidding!
Ice cream hotdog? Yes!! I had to try this crazy thing at Franktuary restaurant, an eclectic eatery for hotdogs and poutines.
posted 10.04.18
GoPro Hero7 Black edition just got in! I traded my Hero3 Black for $100 off the new one which was a good deal since I would have gotten less than that on eBay... I kept my Hero4 Black but 7 is a steep step from it! Looking forward to the weekend to put it to work!
Looks and feels amazing!
Taking a picture before unboxing is very difficult because you are so eager to just open the whole thing!
posted 09.29.18
A friend of mine from Florida is visiting me for the weekend. We obviously had to go up to the lake for some water action! We had an amazing day on Lake Lanier! We stopped at Pelican Pete's for lunch, my favorite place to eat on Lanier. It is very easy to park there with their numerous floating docks.
posted 09.28.18
The replacement part to fix the Anet A2 printer arrived today! It took this Chinese company two attempts to get me the part I needed which lasted a total of two months. The repair took several hours because I had to take apart many components to get to the broken piece.
It is fixed and the test print looks perfect! Welcome back to life A2!!
Spare X Motor Fixing Plate.
posted 09.23.18
What an amazing weekend on Lake Lanier! Farther than Allatoona but most definitely worth it, especially since the water level of Allatoona has dropped over 4 feet in the last couple of weeks.
A quick selfie... I can't wait to receive the GoPro Hero7 Black edition!
Picnic time at Keith Bridge Park with over 180 degrees of lake view!
posted 09.19.18
I had to hide my tears when I heard this 3D printer smash to the ground. A kid turned around and his backpack caught it and brushed it off the table. Since this printer came as a kit to assemble, I have had a hard time communicating to the company in China that I need one part replaced. I can't wait to get it back up and running!
posted 08.18.18
A place you are unlikely to find me... the movie theatre. I am here to see a movie my wife really wanted to see. I personally prefer to watch a foreign movie at the comfort of my own home theatre! What about you?!?
posted 08.12.18
Here I am at SunTrust Park for my once-a-year sport contribution! Despite the huge crowd of people rushing out of the stadium after the game, I miraculously spotted Keller in the distance and quickly ran to say hello! What were the odds?!?
Selfie with Keller! I had to immortalize that moment...
Hanging out and catching up with Keller! I was so happy to see him!!
I spent more time socializing than actually watching the game... shocker?!?
posted 08.04.18
At the lake again this weekend! I was up there for the day with a friend and we had an absolute blast! If it's nice outside and I don't have work to do, I will be somewhere on the lake for sure...
posted 07.25.18
Guess where I went for my last day of vacation? The lake of course! It was an awesome day packed with riding, exploring, swimming, and even a picnic on an island. Tomorrow is school time...
posted 07.24.18
After spending so much time at my lake house in Québec, both in and on the water, I found it difficult to adjust back to the Atlanta life. So I went out and bought a Sea-Doo to be able to drive up to the lake whenever I feel like being on the water!! I have only taken my new toy to the lake twice and it is so much fun! It is a GTI 155 SE and has a lot of power.
A quick selfie after pulling out of the water.
Quiet afternoon but really hot so I had to pull into a cove several times to jump off and swim to cool down. It was so perfect!!
posted 07.17.18
I spent three weeks in Québec and it was awesome! I was in Québec City for a little while then mostly at my lake house up north. As usual, it was nice to spend time with family, read, relax, kayak, swim in the lake, and just worry about nothing at all!
Great times with Tristan! He talked to me about Fortnite (of course) and all other kinds of stuff. He was very curious about how life is in Atlanta and how my school is like... Never a moment of silence!
There are a lot of sea planes on my lake but this DHC-2 is probably the nicest one! I was kayaking around and taking pictures.
Sunset on the lake. What a nice and cool way to end a nice day!
Approaching touch down in Québec City is always interesting because it appears that every house as a swimming pool. As little as they can use their pool because summer is so short, I am always mesmerized at how many people have one! Vive le Québec!
posted 07.14.18
Summer is always a time when I want to get away from the scorching hot weather of Atlanta. This year is no exception so my travels took me to Oregon and Washington which I had never visited. Portland was a pretty weird city with lots of marginal people but I mostly took day trips away from the city to state parks for hiking.
A view of the Pacific Ocean from Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach, Oregon. It felt so nice to see the Pacific once again!
This hike was often pretty crazy with very narrow trails and steep downfalls straight to the ocean. I was surprised not to see some kind of protective railing like everywhere else in the country.
Trail not passable?!? Just watch me!! I didn't hike for miles without getting all the way down to the beach.
All the way down to the beach! It was such a reward to get my feet wet and breathe salty air... so refreshing!
A view of the Seattle skyline from a boat tour.
A view of downtown Seattle from the Space Needle at 520 feet up above!
The cheese counter of a store at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. I would come to this place all the time if I lived here!!
posted 06.26.18
What's up?!? I know it has been a crazy amount of time since I last posted anything (like four months). Instead of coming up with a lame excuse, let's just be honest and say that I got lazy about it. But I am back now with a new page for yet another chapter! The school year came to an end very quickly and it was difficult to say goodbye as always... Here we are now, enjoying what summer has to offer! (Photocred @ Keller M.)