posted 09.19.18
I had to hide my tears when I heard this 3D printer smash to the ground. A kid turned around and his backpack caught it and brushed it off the table. Since this printer came as a kit to assemble, I have had a hard time communicating to the company in China that I need one part replaced. I can't wait to get it back up and running!
posted 08.18.18
A place you are unlikely to find me... the movie theatre. I am here to see a movie my wife really wanted to see. I personally prefer to watch a foreign movie at the comfort of my own home theatre! What about you?!?
posted 08.12.18
Here I am at SunTrust Park for my once-a-year sport contribution! Despite the huge crowd of people rushing out of the stadium after the game, I miraculously spotted Keller in the distance and quickly ran to say hello! What were the odds?!?
Selfie with Keller! I had to immortalize that moment...
Hanging out and catching up with Keller! I was so happy to see him!!
I spent more time socializing than actually watching the game... shocker?!?
posted 08.04.18
At the lake again this weekend! I was up there for the day with a friend and we had an absolute blast! If it's nice outside and I don't have work to do, I will be somewhere on the lake for sure...
posted 07.25.18
Guess where I went for my last day of vacation? The lake of course! It was an awesome day packed with riding, exploring, swimming, and even a picnic on an island. Tomorrow is school time...
posted 07.24.18
After spending so much time at my lake house in Québec, both in and on the water, I found it difficult to adjust back to the Atlanta life. So I went out and bought a Sea-Doo to be able to drive up to the lake whenever I feel like being on the water!! I have only taken my new toy to the lake twice and it is so much fun! It is a GTI 155 SE and has a lot of power.
A quick selfie after pulling out of the water.
Quiet afternoon but really hot so I had to pull into a cove several times to jump off and swim to cool down. It was so perfect!!
posted 07.17.18
I spent three weeks in Québec and it was awesome! I was in Québec City for a little while then mostly at my lake house up north. As usual, it was nice to spend time with family, read, relax, kayak, swim in the lake, and just worry about nothing at all!
Great times with Tristan! He talked to me about Fortnite (of course) and all other kinds of stuff. He was very curious about how life is in Atlanta and how my school is like... Never a moment of silence!
There are a lot of sea planes on my lake but this DHC-2 is probably the nicest one! I was kayaking around and taking pictures.
Sunset on the lake. What a nice and cool way to end a nice day!
Approaching touch down in Québec City is always interesting because it appears that every house as a swimming pool. As little as they can use their pool because summer is so short, I am always mesmerized at how many people have one! Vive le Québec!
posted 07.14.18
Summer is always a time when I want to get away from the scorching hot weather of Atlanta. This year is no exception so my travels took me to Oregon and Washington which I had never visited. Portland was a pretty weird city with lots of marginal people but I mostly took day trips away from the city to state parks for hiking.
A view of the Pacific Ocean from Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach, Oregon. It felt so nice to see the Pacific once again!
This hike was often pretty crazy with very narrow trails and steep downfalls straight to the ocean. I was surprised not to see some kind of protective railing like everywhere else in the country.
Trail not passable?!? Just watch me!! I didn't hike for miles without getting all the way down to the beach.
All the way down to the beach! It was such a reward to get my feet wet and breathe salty air... so refreshing!
A view of the Seattle skyline from a boat tour.
A view of downtown Seattle from the Space Needle at 520 feet up above!
The cheese counter of a store at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. I would come to this place all the time if I lived here!!
posted 06.26.18
What's up?!? I know it has been a crazy amount of time since I last posted anything (like four months). Instead of coming up with a lame excuse, let's just be honest and say that I got lazy about it. But I am back now with a new page for yet another chapter! The school year came to an end very quickly and it was difficult to say goodbye as always... Here we are now, enjoying what summer has to offer! (Photocred @ Keller M.)