posted 02.25.18
I had not been out of town in several months and I so needed to get away, change air, and relax! South Florida is always a good and quick escape to do just that.
Sitting on the beach to think and reflect in between walks along the waves crashing by your feet... perfect recharging time!
posted 12.23.17

I added one more graphics card (GPU) to my computer but it couldn't fit inside so it is temporarily sitting outside the computer. It is certainly not very practical and safe so I have a solution coming up soon! That GPU is a GTX-1070 and is also busy all the time mining ETH.

posted 12.10.17

I just finished installing and configuring two ASUS P106 GPU mining cards in my main computer. They are both overclocked by 9% and are mining Ether 24/7. I am hoping they will generate around 6k in one year! We shall see...

posted 11.26.17
A new Raspberry Pi 3 for a new project! I also got a few heat sinks to overclock it (make it go faster) without making the chips too hot. Let's see what happens...
posted 11.09.17
Spektra solid carbide routing bit featuring a nanocomposite coating with an extreme nanohardness and heat resistance! I can't wait to see the results!
posted 10.28.17
I just finished this project carved into two-color HDPE with an acrylic Plexiglas sheet mounted on stainless steel standoffs. The final product is very sleek looking! My original plan was to use tempered glass but I didn't know it was impossible to drill holes into it until the glass exploded everywhere in thousands of tiny pieces when I actually tried. I suffered minor cuts all over and had a major cleaning session to do in my garage. I had my safety glasses on... safety first!
posted 10.22.17
Maker Faire Atlanta 2017 was fun! Although I feel like it was not as big as previous years, there were still 123 presenters. Grady and I both got inspired and have new ideas for upcoming projects!
There were two main areas outside and one inside the Georgia Freight Depot. This view doesn't do justice to the surface occupied by the event.
posted 10.13.17
Since my young engineers have abandoned our project A8, I had no choice but to complete it on my own. I finished all the wiring today and powered it on... with no smoke! Next up... firmware update, cable management, and platform leveling.
posted 10.06.17
It was so nice to see those guys again! Former students I taught for three years about to go to college! I can't believe Luca is just as tall as me now... who would have thought?!? ;) Buona fortuna ciao ciao!!!!
posted 09.26.17
New York World Maker Faire 2017 was great!! Many new makers and ideas but I feel like this event is becoming less about the open source maker movement. There was an increasing number of big companies who were there to promote their products and make money. Also, it was unusually hot in NYC for that time of year and being outside the entire weekend was quite a challenge. In any case, I do not regret going and hat a lot of fun!!
A view of Manhattan and the Queensboro Bridge from my hotel room.
The Heavy Meta Dragon spitting fire not far from the main entrance. I am pretty sure that this had something to do with New York City being so much warmer this year...
The drone flying area was busy all weekend, as all other areas!
Some of the things I brought back this year... I always grab countless of stickers, pins, magazines and brochures.
posted 09.17.17
Nerd weekend is just around the corner! How could I possibly miss the 8th annual New York World Maker Faire ?!? The whole weekend is planned out... all I have left to do is select what presentations and guest speakers I want to attend and the rest of the time, I will just walk around and talk with makers from around the world! I can't wait!!!!!!!
posted 08.29.17
I received those 3D printing lamp bulbs today and I am super excited! I have to put my creative cap on and design some cool lamps! They can be designed to either be suspended or sitting on a table or desk.
posted 08.27.17
I visited a friend of mine who just moved to Oconee Lake, east of Atlanta. Here he is, coaching his 5 years old son to drive my r/c boat. Hopefully they will get one and we can race next time I visit!
posted 08.21.17

Solar eclipse day! Although it didn't get completely dark out, it was still amazing to experience this weird light near totality!! It was such a great moment for everybody!

posted 07.20.17
I bought a new Jeep! It's a Grand Cherokee Altitude 2017 in granite crystal color (grey) and I love it!! This one is a little bit higher than my previous one and is loaded with computers, sensors, and electronics. It will take me a few days to get used to it all...
posted 07.13.17
It's a small world they say... and I certainly thought so when I ran into Dante at the international airport in Toronto where we both had the same connecting flight to Atlanta! He was coming back from Australia with his dad and younger brother and I had just arrived from Québec City. Since our flight was delayed for several hours it was nice to sit down with Dante and Nelson to hang out, play games, and laugh! Moreover, Dante and I ended up next to each other on the plane! What were the odds?!?
posted 07.12.17
Killing time in Québec City before heading to the airport... walking around Château Frontenac and the old city.
posted 07.10.17
Wow! What a great ATV outing! We left from my lake house and went north to Réservoir Lamothe. The air was cool and crisp with a perfect weather. A true flashback to the good days of mountain exploration!
Rivers and lakes everywhere! Such pure nature!!
There were trails everywhere in the mountains. Rodrigue had a much better idea of where we were as I haven't been out there in several years. You can see him on his ATV leading the way.
A rudimentary hut for moose hunting. I stopped for a quick picture but I did not climb up to explore.
posted 07.09.17
Preparing for tomorrow's excursion with Rodrigue! I have an empty seat in the back... anyone? (I will have my helmet tomorrow... obviously)
posted 07.07.17
Shooting pool with my dad in Chicoutimi this afternoon which is our yearly tradition! The bets are open...
posted 07.06.17

We are back at the sandpit for more climbing, jumping, sliding, and rock throwing! Nobody can ever get enough of that place!!

Emrick and Luca, my two favorite boys in Québec!
posted 07.05.17
I accumulated a ton of Legos while growing up and I still have all of them! Well... I guess a few were lost, some were damaged, and maybe one or two were swallowed (I have a younger brother)! Since rainy days are not uncommon at the lake house, Luca and I rebuilt the Galaxy Commander using the instructions which I miraculously still had. It has 427 parts and our challenge was to find the pieces among the millions of parts in the Lego suitcase. We had a blast and I was so happy to see this model all put together again!!
posted 07.03.17
It has been such a nice day hanging out with everybody! I was so happy to see Luca and spend time with him!!
Lots of good laughs and silliness while boating around the lake!
Climbing up a huge sand mountain at the sandpit. It was seriously steep and a bit intimidating at first!
We made it to the top and were laughing at my younger brother who was climbing up without his hands and holding the GoPro with such a crazy look on his face!
posted 06.30.17

Here is a DHC-2 seaplane increasing throttle for takeoff across the lake from my lake house! It truly has a beautiful sound (or perhaps it's because it brings back childhood memories).

The people inside are, without a doubt, going fishing on some lake up north where no road can actually get to.
Just a few seconds before pulling out of the water.
posted 06.29.17
Outdoors to the max! Here I am paddling at my lake house (located three hours north of Québec City) with cool water and fresh air!! Nothing else to say... you would have to be here!
posted 06.27.17
Let me tell you something... spending time in Québec is not only nice to visit family and friends but also to eat foods that you cannot find anywhere else! A few of these things are called "Merguez" (middle) which is a North African sausage, "Creton" (middle) which I love to eat in a sandwich or on crackers as a snack, and "Vol-au-vent" (right) which is a pastry covered by a thick and creamy chicken sauce. You better check those out if you ever get the chance... Hmmmmm!
posted 06.25.17

I landed in Canada several days ago and here I am, hanging out in Chicoutimi this afternoon, after almost a three-hour drive north of Québec City where I landed! I had a great time visiting with my childhood best friend Jonathan in Québec City, whom I visit every time I am in "la belle province"!

Arial view of Chicoutimi (on the right) and Chicoutimi Nord (on the left) with the Saguenay River.
A downtown Chicoutimi sign near "la petite maison blanche".
posted 06.17.17
Afternoon fun at Allatoona Lake with a friend. We brought some sandwiches, snacks, and of course r/c drones and r/c boats! It was nice to be around water in this hot weather. You can kind of see us on the left side of the peninsula... me in black (shocker) and my friend had a white t-shirt.
posted 06.15.17
I had an aswesome four-day camp! I was responsible for team building activities and my kids loved every minute of them!! I had an amazing group and as usual, I felt it was too short...
posted 06.09.17
Since SparkFun Electronics is located in Colorado, there was no way I was travelling that far without visiting their facility. They offer tours on Fridays at 3pm so I had already signed up for that! I have been one of their customers since 2006, purchasing all kinds of electronics such as sensors, buttons, Arduino related shields, and lots more. I have met the CEO Nate Siedle several years ago in New York City at Maker Faire (selfie somewhere on this BLOG) and a few years later met Nick Poole, one of their top engineers (selfie also somewhere here). Touring the place was awesome but our tour guide was mediocre... She was unprepared and did not know how to respond to younger kids with age appropriate answers. Not everybody can be a teacher...
Here I am, standing outside of SparkFun!
We visited a lot of departments but this area was my favorite! The machine on the left is a Mydata Pick and Place, and the one on the right is a XPM3m Reflow Oven. These machines are very expensive equipment and awesome to see in real life!!
posted 06.09.17
Another escape from the city brought us to Red Rocks. As its name suggests, this area has massive red rocks all over the place.
Getting out of the car to walk around and take pictures is a frequent thing for me! I have to get off the beating path...
A view of the Denver skyline from Red Rocks... about 30mins away.
posted 06.08.17
It's hard to believe that I was just in Florida and now in Colorado! The last couple of days in Denver were awesome but today is time to venture out and explore... Driving through the Rockies and stopping in small ski towns is the main goal along with a two and a half hour train ride in the mountains. Some highways up here have chain stations so you can pull over during the harsh winter days and chain up your tires. There are also some long tunnels going through mountains when roads could not go around.
We are well into June and there are still frozen lakes in the Rockies! The air is a bit cool but it feels awesome out here!
Hey you... come closer and see what happens!! I am no stranger to snow so let me show you how it's done!
Je suis le maître des boules de neige!
First scenery stop while driving to the Rockies. It would be an easy job making postcards around here!
posted 06.03.17
I am hanging out in Fort Pierce for part of the day. I am mostly here to walk around and see the boats in the marina! There are some nice parks around and restaurants with huge outdoor patios playing beach music!
posted 06.02.17
Because of the human struggles that never spare me after every school year, I got a last minute flight to Florida to escape to the beach...
A quiet walk on Vero Beach after several storms while my wife is playing a golf tournament.
I ended up running into some guys and spending several hours with them. They had made a machine to pull themselves, one at a time, for about 100 meters as they skim-boarded very quickly on the shore. 
They would take turns walking out as far as possible on the beach holding the rope and their skimboard in hand. Then start running, drop the board onto the water, and ride rapidly back on waves. They were happy for me to take some action shots which they can download from my server later!
This little guy was taking it more slowly! That would be more suited for me too... ;)
posted 06.02.17
A new page for a new chapter! I slightly modified the code to allow bigger pictures to be posted. The previous ones still have pictures of 640 pixels wide while this page will have 800 pixels wide pictures, a twenty percent increase. It offers a better experience on the computer and it all still fits well on mobile devices!